• Replacement Jyro Main Parachute Canopy Lineset (formally NZ)

Replacement Jyro Main Parachute Canopy Lineset.

Replacement lineset for any main canopy manufactured by NZ Aerosports. This is a complete lineset made out of the line type selected.

Installation not included.

The following line types/sizes are only available on the canopies noted:
Crossfire, Safire, Omega, Student available in Vectran 550 or Vectran 750
JFX, JVX available in Vectran 550, Vectran 400 Black or HMA 600
JPX Leia available in Vectran 400 black, Vectran 550 or HMA 600
JPX Petra available in Vectran 300 primarily, but Vectran 400 black is also an option
Linesets are made to order by NZ Aerosports and include a fresh set of NZ Aerosports Soft Links with all sport canopy linesets.
Turnaround time is usually 1-2 weeks.

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Replacement Jyro Main Parachute Canopy Lineset (formally NZ)

  • Brand: NZ Aerosports
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