Aerodyne Canopy

Custom Canopy

To Design your own custom canopy open the ATools (Will open in a new window)
Choose the canopy you want to order on the right side of the screen
Color the canopy using the available color palettes
Select your line type, canopy material, and canopy size
Click "Continue"
Review order then click add to cart
Under Purchase from Distributior click "Check out"
Select as your Dealer ( - Skydive Sebastian - )
Fill out your information and any order instructions then click "Submit Order"

Stock Canopy

To order a stock canopy review the stock list found here and write down the Serial Number of the canopy you want for use in step 5.
Example "PT-124-12677"

Step 2: Select your payment method

If you are paying by Credit card or Cash move onto the next step
If you are paying with financing please fill out the form found here (Will open in a new tab) - Request financing of $4000.00. This will not be your total just used to ensure you have plenty of room for financing

Step 3: Send in your order

Many of the designs have already been sent to us but any that you had to manually filled out will need to be included in your email to us.
Please email us at " ". Please be sure to include your Phone number, any stock canopy models / Stock containers numbers you are interested in, the AAD you want, The forms you filled out, Your Billing and Shipping details, and if you have submitted for financing or not.

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