• Uno.618 Summer

The modern substitute to “ T-shirt and shorts”, the best solution for summer and hot weather.
No drag on arms and legs. Pure wind on your skin. Feel the Freedom !

How to order

Begin by configuring your Tonfly Suit online with all your options, colors and measurements at this link for the Tonfly Configurator (Slow to load)
Make sure you follow either this link for the Male Measuring Guide or this link for the Female Measuring Guide
At Step 5 (Special requests), write Skydiving Gear Store
At Step 6 (End), enter your first name, your last name, and then the Skydiving Gear Store e-mail address Sales@skydivinggearstore.com
Next, you return to Skydiving Gear Store to pay for your suit by adding this suit and options you selected to your cart and checking out on our site.
Our teem will contact you to go over any additional questions and/or changes if we have any, and then finalize the order for production with Tonfly.
As soon as the suit arrives from Tonfly, it will ship to you and will not hold up any additional items your have order from Skydiving Gear Store!
We will invoice you at later date for any extra's you have selected but this won't hold up your suit being manufacturered.

Uno.618 Summer by TonFly

Suit Specifics

The top is the same as the UNO.618 s and the legs are made like a “surf shorts”.
No problems of your T-shirt coming up during the jump and covering the handles, but when you are on the ground you can take the top off and have a "surf shorts" and T-shirt.
This is the freshest of all our suits. Its awesome. uno.618 Summer.

Nice and fresh but with good protection from the wind.
Thanks to the new Diamant windproof elastic, protects you from the cold wind when you open the door and during the jumps.

The Uno.618 Summer is built with:

  • Arms: Orion Speed - Navy Blue
  • Chest: Orion Speed - White
  • Shorts: Chiffon - Navy Blue
  • Short Insert: Diamant Elastic - Option
  • Elastic: Diamant - Black & White
  • Zipper: Windproof YKK - Black
  • Special Design: New Factory


  • ORION SPEED: 59% PA - 41% PU Wind Repellent - Light Weight
  • CORDURA 180: 100% PA Breathable - Light Weight
  • CHIFFON: 100% PL Breathable - Light Weight
  • DIAMANT ELASTIC: 45%PES - 38%PA - 3%EA - 14%PU Wind Repellent - Breathable - 4way Stretch - Light Weight
  • NET: 100% PA Breathable - Light Weight

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Uno.618 Summer

  • $480.00