Vortex Ready to Jump package

Vortex Ready Jump bundle - $4,860.00

  • add $350 for sky hook
  • add 1150 for MarS M2 aad
  • other aad's available

Main, reserve and container all new, custom ordered in delivery is 6-10 weeks and will in all likelihood be in two boxes, one from Durban and one from Spain. Includes space foam, stainless, all the toys
2-5 year loans available in the USA payments as low as $140 a month
Flying Flynn's Gear store located @ skydive @ [100002197785322:Sebastian].

Vortex Complete System with AAD - $5,600.00

this includes a Vortex + Main + Reserve + rsl and magnetic riser covers- (as well as all the usual options which are included in the Vortex) and is available for sizes 135 and up. Please NOTE again that shipping is include and aad

Flying Flynn's wants to help new jumpers get into affordable gear 2-5 year loans available w/ no money down inside the USA we are located on Skydive Sebastian's dropzone

for more details message me 772-321-8612 bill.flynn@skydivinggearstore.com

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