Flying Flynn's Skydiving Gear Store

Skydiving Gear Store by Flying Flynn LLC is located in Sebastian Florida. We are here to make the impossible possible every day!

​​​Home of the lease to own gear store on new and used gear

We are proud to offer the low prices on skydiving equipment. Our long history in Skydiving makes us well connected, which means quality gear at affordable prices for you. What does this mean? You are paying the lowest prices available.

Looking for the perfect complete skydiving rig? We have you covered! We have canopies from manufacturers such as Performance Design Inc, Aerodyne Research, and NZ Aerosports all are world-class parachute manufacturers. Combine this with a container from Mirage, Sunpath (Javelin) or Sunrise Manufacturing International (Skydive Wings), etc. You will be ready for your sky adventures in no time.

Ready to hit the sky in style? with brands such as Cookie and Bonehead, jumpsuits from Merlin and TonFly, and altimeters from Larsen and Brusgaard. We got you covered

Thank you for the continued support as we grow. More products are being added, so check back regularly for new gear. If you don’t see an item, please contact us and we will look into ordering it for you.

- Bill Flynn

Flying Flynns LLC